• 4 Key Attributes Of God That Explain The Christian View On Suffering In The World

    Life is difficult for everyone at times, even Christians. Sometimes in life, bad things happen. People lose their jobs or become sick. Worldwide catastrophes occur, and people wonder why a loving God would allow these things. Understanding more about God can help people understand the reason He allows suffering in the world. Here are four key attributes of God that can explain the Christian view on suffering in the world:
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  • 5 Ways To Seek Comfort In God

    In times of trouble or turmoil, many people turn to God for comfort and guidance. There are many ways that people go about seeking comfort in God. Here are 5 ways you can try to feel closer to God and find comfort, whatever your circumstances might be:  1. Nature Many people feel closer to God when they commune with nature. For hundreds of years, poets from around the world have extolled the virtues of the great outdoors and its effect on people.
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