5 Ways To Seek Comfort In God

Posted on: 4 February 2021

In times of trouble or turmoil, many people turn to God for comfort and guidance. There are many ways that people go about seeking comfort in God. Here are 5 ways you can try to feel closer to God and find comfort, whatever your circumstances might be: 

1. Nature

Many people feel closer to God when they commune with nature. For hundreds of years, poets from around the world have extolled the virtues of the great outdoors and its effect on people. Dante Alighieri, an Italian poet, once said, "nature is the art of God." You can try taking a hike in nearby mountains or forests, or if you live somewhere more urban, you can find a quiet park and take in the sights and fresh air. You can even find peace and comfort in God in your own backyard or by cultivating and enjoying houseplants. However you choose to engage with nature, take time to appreciate its beauty and quiet your mind so that you can feel comfort. 

2. Music 

Music has a unique power to move people. Music can change your mood and reflect your state of mind. It can help you to de-stress and feel closer to God. If you are seeking comfort from God, a good start is to listen to music that calms you or lifts you up. Singing or playing devotional music can give you the comfort you are looking for. 

3. Service 

One way to connect with God and be comforted is to serve others. Service can come in many forms, from volunteering at a retirement home or a homeless shelter to simply helping your family members or friends. Service comforts the giver and the receiver and brings you to God in the process. 

4. Reading Scripture or Other Religious Texts 

Most religions have a sacred text of some kind, and most believers spend time seeking knowledge in God through the scriptures or other words of God. Reading a sacred text or scripture can give comfort to you when you are looking for it. 

5. Prayer

Many religious people seek sanctuary through prayer. People of faith can find comfort by praying and communing with God. Prayer has even been found to relieve stress and improve mental, emotional, and physical health. Prayer also helps with self-worth. 

There are as many ways to find comfort in God as there are people in the world. Find what makes you feel closest to God.