Three Tips To Go From Theology School To Pastoring Your Own Church

Posted on: 17 November 2020

Everyone needs some faith in their lives, no matter how you frame it. If you follow the Christian religion and feel that starting a church and spreading the gospel could be your calling, it's a matter that you should treat with seriousness. Going to theology school can build you a strong foundation for starting your own church. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

1. Go through some theology courses so that you're credible and skilled

Taking theology courses will set you up with a strong foundation. Many community churches are started by pastors who study the bible and are charismatic, but they don't necessarily hold credentials. If pastoring is what you want to do for a living, theology courses give you deep knowledge of the bible and credentials that can go on a resume.

Now that you can take theology online courses, there's no reason that you can't dive head-first into your education. Theology courses differ depending on the program. Some strictly stick to bible study while others explore all avenues of the divine and man's relationship with a higher power. Find some self-paced theology online courses so that you can really take in the subject matter and cultivating your interests.

2. Get some experience and expand slowly

After you have completed some coursework, you may start taking associate pastor roles or heading up ministries. Getting this experience is foundational and part of paying your dues. It's best that you get this experience for a few years before taking on the responsibility of pastoring your own church.

Once you're ready, begin with a small location and focus on getting a few people out each Sunday. Always put the needs of your congregation first and have this ideal as part of your mission statement. When you can be faithful over small things, you will be ready once bigger opportunities knock.

3. Purchase a long-term building to expand your congregation

While you might start small with storefront locations and bouncing around paying rent at various places, your end game should be to secure a long-term location. When you're buying a church building, make sure that it has good utilities and that you can afford the overhead costs. Put just as much energy into advertising your church and spreading the word so that you can grow the congregation that you serve. Livestreaming your services and plugging the address and service times will help you get more people to show up in person. You should also set up ways for people to tithe on your website or app so that you have no ceilings on the amount of revenue your church can bring in.

Taking theology courses can plant the seeds for you to do great things. Consider these tips and let them guide you.